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What to do first arranging a funeral

Arranging a Funeral in Sydney with Bryan Reid

The death of love one is a life altering experience. At Bryan J Reid Funeral Services, we will like to make your transition into a new phase of your life easy as possible by handling the funeral arrangements for your loved ones. Bryan J Reid is our Sydney funeral director, and he is available 24/7 to provide you with the guidance, care and attention you need during this difficult time.
Bryan J Reid Funeral Services Sydney has been arranging funeral services for the last 27 years. We are 100% Australian own and operated. With a little help from you, we will be able to handle all the details. During our initial appointment, there are many aspects of arranging a funeral that will be discussed.
If you are wavering on whether to choice a cremation or burial, we can talk you through both scenarios to help you pick which one will be more appropriate. If you are unsure of the location of the service, we can offer you our facilities or contact other possible locations.
The time and date of the funeral service will be set during this appointment. You will also have to choice the flowers, casket, and conductor of the service. The following choices will also have to be made during the initial appointment:

  • Whether you require a Funeral Notice
  • Are there any family members who would like a viewing
  • What Music you would like for the service
  • Will you require a Mourning Car
  • Selection of some photos for Bryan J Reid Funeral Services to arrange an Order of Service Program, along with a framed photo
  • Whether the family would like a Visual Tribute
  • Will the family require catering following the service

If arranging a funeral overwhelms you, we at Bryan J Reid Funeral Services Sydney will be here to help guide you and make sure that you have all the necessary paperwork such as Birth and Death Certificates in order.
We offer one of a kind funerals. No two funerals are the same. Once you have finished arranging a funeral, we will be able to quote you a price.

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