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Arranging A Funeral

When you have your initial meeting with Bryan J Reid Funeral Services many aspects of the Funeral will be discussed. As a guide, we have listed areas that will be covered including the cost options for a funeral service.

  • Choice of Cremation or Burial
  • Location for the Service
  • Time and Day for Service
  • Whom you would like to conduct the service e.g. Clergy, Celebrant or Family member
  • Preferred casket selection
  • Choice of Flowers
  • Whether you require a Funeral Notice
  • Are there any family members who would like a viewing
  • What Music you would like for the service
  • Will you require a Mourning Car
  • Selection of some photos for Bryan J Reid Funeral Services to arrange an Order of Service Program, along with a framed photo
  • Whether the family would like a Visual Tribute
  • Will the family require catering following the service

This may seem a lot to take in, however not all decisions have to made there and then. Bryan J Reid Funeral Services are there to help advise and guide you through these difficult decisions and will then arrange these choices on your behalf.

While arranging the Funeral Service we also will need to complete some forms required by Births Deaths & Marriages and the Health Department.

As all funerals are different, and families require different inclusions, we will be able to supply you with costing once these selections have been made. Talk to us today about funeral cost on the Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle.