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Coffin Selections

At Bryan Reid Funeral Services, we offer a range of Coffins. We have attached some of our available coffins If required please contact our office for pricing .

Blaxland Coffin

blaxland coffins

Included in Package
Flat Lid coffin with Extra wide Mould to sides and Lid. Choice of
Colours: Rosewood, Sapelle, Country Oak

Single Raised Lid - 2 tone

Single Raised LID

Single Raised lid coffin with Extra Mould to sides and lid. Also available in Rosewood, Sapelle, Country Oak


Went Worth

Single Raised lid craftwood coffin with parallel routed lines to sides and ends Colours – Rosewood or Walnut



Single Raised Lid coffin with gold pin groove to sides and ends with gold pin groove rose to shoulder

White Dove

White Dove

Single Raised Lid coffin with extra-wide mould to sides and lid. Gold or silver pin groove dove to sides. White Metallic Finish



Single Raised Lid coffin with gold pin groove to sides and ends with gold pin
groove rose to shoulder

Lady Linden

Lady Linden

Single raised lid coffin with pin groove to side and ends ( gold option )
Unique contoured handles with ceramic inserts
Supplied with presentation box with 2 ceramic roses
White Gloss


Gold Line

Partial Dome Lid coffin in craftwood with domed mould top and bottom
with gold pin groove to sides, ends and lid

Enviro Casket

Enviro Casket

Solid Radiata Pine
Raw Finish, 6 Rope Handles& Unbleached calico lining



Triple Raised dome lid, angled head, solid timber pine coffin


Regent coffin

Triple Raised Lid, Solid Timber coffin with panel sides, buttons and scallops
Available in Rosewood ( pictured )  and Walnut

Denman Cedar

Denman Cedar coffin

Solid Cedar semi domed lid coffin with paneled sides and ends, scallops and buttons
Natural Cedar – High Gloss


ashlington coffin

Solid Timber –  Camphor Laurel
Double Raised lid with 55mm
moulding and Gold Handles

Grecian Urn

greacian urn

Solid Timber octagonal casket with pin groove to sides and ends
Decorative beading to lower
Available in : Rosewood ( Photo ) Cedar & White

Grecian Urn - Interior

Coffin interrior