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What To Do First

What to do First When Organising a Funeral

Making funeral arrangements is a time of emotion and difficult decision making. Many people struggle with the “where to start” process.

Bryan J. Reid Funeral Services endeavours to make this process as simple as possible. We listen to you as a family; some families know exactly what they want, whereas some rely solely on our advice.

Each family is different with individual needs. Nothing is right or wrong when organising a funeral. If it is important to you as a family it is important to us. Never be afraid to make requests, as in most cases these can be arranged.

Prior to contacting Bryan J Reid Funeral Services, there is some information that may be useful in what to do immediately when your loved one passes. Sometimes this can be sudden, other times a result of a long illness, therefore we have listed some circumstances where this may occur. We have tried to keep these guidelines simple:-

What to do First home


This can either be sudden or a result of a long illness. If sudden and an Ambulance is called, they will help guide you by contacting the Coroner or Doctor. If the passing was expected and the Doctor is unable to attend, the Ambulance will be able to issue a Verification of Death. If the Doctor is able to attend they will call the Doctor or Palliative care team who will implement a home visit to issue a medical cause certificate. Once this is completed we are able to transfer your loved one to our facilities.

What to do First nursing


Generally Nursing Homes and some Private Hospitals require you to inform them of your Funeral Director of choice, as once the Doctor has issued the Medical Cause of Passing the Funeral Director will be contacted. Therefore, if your loved one is currently or soon to be placed in a Nursing Home it may be prudent to have some pre-arrangements.

What to do First hospi


If your loved one passes away in hospital, Public Hospitals and some Private Hospitals have holding facilities where they are able to transfer your loved one until we have been contacted to transfer.

Your decision to call Bryan J Reid Funeral Services is the next step. We will be available to you and your family to assist with arrangements at your convenience. This can either be done in our office, or we find many families are comfortable by making arrangements in the familiar surroundings of their own home.

At this meeting, we sit down together and discuss options available for your family. There is a small amount of paperwork that needs to be completed, along with making decisions for the Funeral Service itself. These items include day, time, location and whether you would prefer clergy or a celebrant, other decisions such as music, flowers, coffin choice are also discussed. We then make these arrangements on your behalf. A more detailed list of what we arrange can be found under The Role of a Funeral Director.